Sunglass Lenses

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Sunglass Lenses

Everyone knows you should wear sunscreen when outdoors and the UV index is high, but what about protecting your eyes from the sun? Exposure to UV is cumulative meaning direct contact with UV over short periods of time can add up to long term damage. Conditions such as Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and eyelid skin cancers can be attributed to the sun’s harmful rays.

Beware! Not all Sunglasses are equal. Always look for Sunglasses that block out 100% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays, combined with a UV filter. Nikon Sun Lenses are available either tinted with a UV filter, or in Polarized options, and are suitable to most prescriptions in Single Vision and Progressive lens design, including higher base “wraps”. They are also readily available in non-prescription lenses customized to your frame selection.

Consult with our Eye Care Professionals at Burlington Eyecare, and together, we can determine in Nikon SunBliss, Sun Radiance or Sun Element is the best suited sunglass for your personal sun protection needs and lifestyle.

Polarized – Polarized lenses filter the light waved that case the type of glare experienced when light bounces off of uneven surfaces such as pavement or around water or snow conditions. Glare is eliminated and vision is clear.

SeeSun UV E-SPF 25 – “The Sunwear Coating” – A combination of Scratch Resistant. Anti-Reflection and an additional UV Eye-Sun Protection Factor of 25, this coating is designed to provide the best vision and clarity while reducing annoying glare and surface reflections.
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