Contact Lenses

Contact lenses

Contact Lenses

Have you tried contact lenses? Many patients are unaware of the comfort and quality of vision that they can receive from contact lenses. We custom fit and dispense all types of contact lenses specifically suited to your prescription, ocular measurements and lifestyle. Whether worn regularly, or perhaps for a special occasion such as a wedding, contact lenses may be your answer.

Daily wear disposable contact lenses continue to be the preference for many of our patients as they achieve acute vision while maintaining optimum ocular health with a new pair of sterile, fresh lenses daily, in a virtually carefree system. Just open a fresh pair of contacts every day and dispose of them at night. Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb and Ciba contact lenses continue to provide maximum vision and comfort for our contact lens patients. Sports enthusiasts like hockey players are perfect candidates to consider disposable contact lens use.

Bifocal wearers can also choose to wear contact lenses. We can custom fit you with bifocal contact lenses that enable you to see clearly for distance and near.  

For those with astigmatism, we have contact lenses available for you too. There are various Toric contact lenses available today designed with you in mind. Gas permeable contact lenses are also available.

Coloured contact lenses are another option if you've always wanted to enhance your own eye colour, or, give the effect of a completely different colour. Available in a wide range of colours and prescription powers, coloured contact lenses continue to be very popular. The enhancer contact lens colours can be very soft, or if what you are looking for is a more dramatic colour change, we can make that happen for you too.

Our doctors specialize in contact lens fittings, and are here to professionally advise, fit and provide you with follow-up care for all your contact lens needs. Call us for a consultation.

For the best in vision, comfort and ocular health while wearing contact lenses, it is essential that our patients maintain regular office visits to assess their acuity, ocular measurements and contact lens fit.

Repeat contact lens orders can be placed on our on-line order page.
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