Coatings And Treatments

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Coatings and Treatments

Anti-Reflective Coatings, which are sometimes referred to as Anti-Glare or AR, are coatings that are applied to both surfaces of the lens (front and back) to allow increased light transmission through the lens, resulting in less reflected glare. The effect of these coatings is to eliminate glare (we see it mostly when driving at night but it helps our eyes all the time when we are wearing our glasses). 

SeeCoat Plus – Nikon's premium AR coating is an incredibly easy clean, durable coating. It has Anti-static properties, repels dirt, oils, water and fingerprints and is more scratch resistant than its predecessors.

SeeCoat Blue – It has been reported that today’s adults spend 60% of the time they are awake on digital devices. Digital devices such as computer screens, phones and tablets LED screens emit a high amount of Blue Light. Blue light is attributed to eye fatigue and the disruption of circadian rhythms. 
Nikon’s premium lens coating SeeCoat comes with a blue light filter that transmits only 10% of blue light, making it the perfect choice for those who are always using their devices.

Transitions – Transitions is a treatment to the lens which when it is exposed to the UV in the atmosphere it causes the lenses to change color and darken. When someone steps outside their lenses will go dark and will return to a clear state when they return indoors. This is a very convenient option for those who don’t always want to carry their sunglasses around with them.
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