NEW to Burlington Eyecare – Maui Jim Sunglasses. Maui Jim combats intense glare, protects eyes 100% from harmful UVA and UVB rays. With Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® technology you will experience the most vivid colour and clarity sunglasses has to offer. Available with prescription or without, Maui Jim has a pair just for you.

Beautifully and fashionably designed sunglasses from Christian Dior, Cazal, Fendi, Frost, Jimmy Choo, Guess and Sperry, are among the many brands available for prescription and non-prescription Ladies’ sunglasses. Our men’s sunglass selections include but are not limited to Ray Ban, Carrera, Etnia Barcelona, Adidas, Guess, Boss, Cazal, and Monkeyglasses – sustainable eyewear - unique as the material is 90% cotton fibers and has been treated to look exactly like wood!

Your lifestyle is a very good indicator for selecting your type of sunglass. Whether it is trendy, versatile, sporty or timeless, there’s something to suit every taste from conservative to downright bold! Most of our sunglass lens designs are available in prescription, ranging from distance single vision lenses to progressive lenses, including specialty high-wrap sunglasses, designed to block the wind and internal reflections. Our team of eyecare professionals will recommend the sunglass lens type best suited to your prescription and lifestyle. Polarized, photochromic, mirrors, or a dark tint with ultraviolet filtering are among the lens options. 

Your eyes deserve the best! Look for Certified UV protection. The E-SPF value measures how many more times the lens protects your eyes from UV compared to not wearing any lens at all. Nikon offers the Ultimate UV protection in Nikon Sun Lenses. SeeSun UV with E-SPF 25. Ask us about it today!

For the sports enthusiast, non-prescription and prescription Adidas, Serengeti and Ray Ban sunglasses with polarized lenses are also very popular. Let us help you to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun while you are playing tennis, golf, fishing, trail-riding and more. We have an array of lens designs and tints available to provide the best comfort and vision possible.

"Transitions Vantage" combines Transitions “changeable lens tint” technology with variable polarization. Indoors, the lens remains clear and stays non-polarized; but when exposed to UV light outdoors, the lens darkens and increases in polarization, based on the amount of UV exposure. This is the most convenient lens option for the patient who prefers to have clear lenses and changeable polarized lenses all in one pair. Children's non-prescription sunglasses are always available at very reasonable prices at Burlington Eyecare. Fun, colourful plastic frame designs from Skechers and Ray Ban with UV400 lens protection will protect those young eyes.

An amazing selection of sunglasses is also available for contact lens wearers. Investing in a good quality, protective sunglass is essential for the contact lens wearer.
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