The Nikon Difference

At Burlington Eyecare, we pride ourselves on providing you with quality and selection for your prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses. We have a diverse selection of colourful, trendy, fashion forward designs for men, women and children, as well as contemporary and traditional designs for a more subtle approach.

Your Nikon lenses are custom made for you using calculations provided by the eye care professionals at Burlington Eyecare. There can be more than 12 design parameters that are measured and sent to Nikon in Japan where NODE makes precise calculations.

NODE stands for Nikon Optical Design Engine. It is a tool that was developed by Nikon which focuses on the calculation of optical surfaces. It is used for the development of camera and other precision equipment, but also the live calculation of eye wear lenses.

NODE is important because your eyes are unique, your chosen frame is unique and your lifestyle is unique. The lenses are then manufactured in a lab, quality inspected and delivered to you by our highly trained, Licensed Opticians. Come to Burlington Eyecare and experience the Nikon difference.
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