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Whether you wear your glasses for reading, distance, computer use, or all of those, our doctors and opticians are highly trained to assess and recommend the best lens design for your day-to-day activities. We specialize in high quality lens products from around the world, including Nikon, Zeiss, and Rodenstock, which enable us to offer you excellent optics and lenses that are lightweight and thin while providing maximum strength and durability. We dispense only premium quality anti-reflection and scratch resistant lens coatings. We always aim to provide our patients with quality, affordable products.

"High Definition Digital" progressive lenses are a specialty of Burlington Eyecare, as well as custom-designed computer or office wear lenses. Today’s patients are involved in so many activities requiring various optical demands, whether it be performance eyewear for sports, dress or casual eyewear, contact lenses, or work-specific eyewear designed to maximize your vision at specific ranges.

Whatever your eyewear needs, we have the lenses for you!

Nikon Lenses

Visit the new Nikon section of our website to find out about their groundbreaking lenswear technology.
New Rodenstock Impression FreeSign and Ergo FreeSign lenses are now available exclusively at Burlington Eyecare for the Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding area.

Impression FreeSign offers very large, demand-oriented vision zones, completely customized and personalized based on an individual's visual demands at distance, intermediate and near ranges. Among their many benefits, these lenses allow for a more relaxed head position resulting in less neck strain.

The Ergo FreeSign lens is a totally customized near vision lens, designed to maximize one's vision based on work, hobbies, computer and reading ranges.

Please call us to learn more about Rodenstock Impression FreeSign and Ergo FreeSign lenses, the new progressive lenses designed to give you a completely personalized visual experience.Paragraph
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